21 December 2015

Brighton Boat, Ann Hyde

This is a photograph I took ages ago on a visit to Brighton.  I'll put the Location in the tabs below this post for those of you who would like to know its location.

Moleskine sketchbook - Watercolour and pen.  The pen I used in this was a Platinum Carbon Fountain pen, which has a really fine nib, perfect for thin outlines.

09 December 2015

Shepherds Hut

The wonderful thing about Sketchbooks is....you can start off pencilling in an image and it grows into a painting

Shepherds Hut (I added the figure to give the hut proportion)

08 December 2015

Update photos

Hi everyone

I've just added a couple of New Photos here, to inspire and paint in whatever medium you prefer.

You can access the previous photos by clicking on the Link at the top of this Home Page:

Reference Photo Archive

PLUS REMEMBER you can GO BACK to previous photos AT ANY TIME and paint them, it will be great to see your art work.

Kingston Lacy Shepherd's Hut

Boat on Brighton seafront

24 November 2015

Houses, Ann Hyde

This has to be one of the best National Trust properties we have ever been to.

Former home of the D'Oyly Carte family.
(Reference photo was taken earlier this year).

If you would like to read more about it
then click this link

22 November 2015

Houses, Ann Hyde

Okay, so I'm starting things off here with this new set of reference photos.  I chose the house with the large chimneys.   I took the photo when we were on a trip to Wales and driving up a road in the Brecon Beacons, those chimneys absolutely stood out, we had to stop so I could get a photo. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings/sketches/paintings -
As I have said in the header banner -
draw as many versions as you like,
the more the merrier.


21 November 2015

New Reference photos

It's about time I updated the Reference Photos and have decided to add some more buildings.   They are a broad selection from photos I have taken over recent months and that you will feel you can interpret them in all sorts of ways...looking forward to seeing what you do.....Ann.


House with Large Chimneys   

National Trust property - the D'Oyly Carte house

Another angle of the D'Oyly Carte house

I hope this selection will inspire you.


16 November 2015

Hi Ann - Another Lighthouse sketch - sandy

Anxious to see what new photos you put up Ann.  It's nice having a focus to come to when I want to do something other than my own photographs.

I finally tried the lighthouse that I intended to do all along.

Pen, colored pencil and some Corel paint.

15 November 2015

Update pictures and the LIGHTHOUSE photographs

A quick update to let you know what's happening here on the blog

I'll be adding new photographs here

in just over a weeks time.

Lighthouse, Ann Hyde

A rather wobbly version of the lighthouse, but fun to do.  I didn't out line with pencil first, just went straight on with my Elegant Writer pen.  Adding water to the ink, it then spreads out and also changes colour slightly, when you dab with tissue on the wet ink, it goes a pink tone, which is fun to watch happen.  This worked well for the red portion of the lighthouse.

12 November 2015

Lighthouse, Ann Hyde

I submitted this to a Craftsy course I'm currently doing.  It's good to try different ways of going about drawing and I love watching other artists paint, so following along with  Marc T. Holmes Travel Sketching in Mixed Media has been really good.

09 November 2015


As usual, I can't help myself, my sketches are messy or my messes are sketchy.

Anyway I enjoyed it and can't wait to try another one.

Ann, thanks so much for hosting this blog.  It will be fun and keep me inspired.

08 November 2015

Track towards the lighthouse, Ann Hyde

Another  angle.

I liked how the track lead the viewer towards the lighthouse here.

 Drawn in my moleskine sketchbook.

Pen: Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen
Detail: Pentel Brush Pen - black ink

Watercolour:  Winsor & Newton / Daniel Smith

Two more Photos - Lighthouse

Hi all, 

Whilst we are on the subject of Lighthouses at the moment,

I'm adding a couple more photos of one for us to draw/sketch/paint.

Hope these will inspire you.

~ I like how the light is hitting the side of this building ~

 ~ and I like how the track is leading you towards the lighthouse here ~

06 November 2015

Lighthouse, zoomed in view, Ann Hyde

I zoomed in on one of the reference photos today.  Using my ArtPen with Brown ink (although it does look 'pink'), but such is the formula that Rotring ink uses these days....

05 November 2015

Lighthouse, Ann Hyde

One-line drawing, similar to Blind Contour drawing, this technique has proven fun to do.  I may well use some watercolour on this one.

Lighthouse Sketch by Janice L-H

Here's my sketch of one of Ann's photos. The wide open spaces spoke to me. Thanks for letting me contribute.

31 October 2015


Here's my sketch of the first lighthouse...

If anyone would like to join me here sketching my photographs, please email me on:


I will then send you an Invite to become a contributor on this blog.