21 December 2015

Brighton Boat, Ann Hyde

This is a photograph I took ages ago on a visit to Brighton.  I'll put the Location in the tabs below this post for those of you who would like to know its location.

Moleskine sketchbook - Watercolour and pen.  The pen I used in this was a Platinum Carbon Fountain pen, which has a really fine nib, perfect for thin outlines.

09 December 2015

Shepherds Hut

The wonderful thing about Sketchbooks is....you can start off pencilling in an image and it grows into a painting

Shepherds Hut (I added the figure to give the hut proportion)

08 December 2015

Update photos

Hi everyone

I've just added a couple of New Photos here, to inspire and paint in whatever medium you prefer.

You can access the previous photos by clicking on the Link at the top of this Home Page:

Reference Photo Archive

PLUS REMEMBER you can GO BACK to previous photos AT ANY TIME and paint them, it will be great to see your art work.

Kingston Lacy Shepherd's Hut

Boat on Brighton seafront