06 August 2016

Hi everyone.. here is a new photograph

It would be lovely if you joined in this blog and sketched or painted your version of it. Remember, any medium is acceptable here.

This conservatory is at the National Trust Property

23 April 2016

Bright Orange Flower

Having added this photo on another site, I thought it would be a good reference photo here.  Hope to see your drawings/paintings/sketches or even digital art of it and some time....

17 April 2016

Devon Countryside

Here's another reference photograph for you all 

Remember we are not sticking with just the current photograph on this blog...
you can hop back via the 
Reference Photo Archive tab at the top of the blog 
and enjoy drawing from any of those pics.

Yellow Flower - Ann Hyde

From the reference photograph of the yellow flower in the wild...

05 March 2016

White bird on beach

Just to prove this isn't a challenge blog where finished and perfect work needs to be added.  I would love to see sketches. This is about having fun.  Here's a quick sketch of the white bird reference photo.  Only thing is, I got a little carried away with the squiggles...but hey it was fun...


03 March 2016

White Bird on a beach

A slightly different subject this time.  My husband took this photo and I thought it would good to use it here.

27 February 2016

Cornwall Beach sketch

I like jotting and doodling in my sketchbook  (although I do large paintings in mediums Oil, Acyrlics and Watercolours), there is something very enjoyable about having a sketchbook....

so here's my version of the reference photo Cornwall Beach scene...

15 February 2016

Using Google Street View

I thought it might be nice to use Street View sometimes.  Okay, I had originally decided to use only my own photos...which I still intend to do.  But I thought it would be nice to throw in some Google Street View scenes from time to time. ... for example with the recent addition of the photograph of the Beach in Cornwall.  For one thing, it will give you all an idea of place - and you can scroll around and perhaps find something for yourselves in that location.

I have checked with Google Street View that they are happy for people to use their images from the map (although Don't use the pictures from the map with the Blue Dot - those belong to individuals so can't be used)...the rest is available according to Google Permissions Guidelines which I shall add below in a link.

Google Street View - click link

So, enough said....here is the Street View scene from the Beach in Cornwall 

Take a wander around and find your own scene to paint, it will be lovely to see what you choose.

A new photograph today

Another beach - this time in Cornwall.  There could be options here for making this quite dramatic (the sky was brewing up a storm at the time).  Or this could lend itself to being quite a calm peaceful beach scene.  Whatever you choose it has to be fun.  Enjoy.

07 February 2016

Owl, Ann Hyde

The new reference photo today has inspired me to do a quick sketch...

I was lucky enough to have actually seen this owl in real life.
It was so quiet sitting there in the tree, 
not taking any notice of activity around it.

A new reference photo today...

Something different.  An Owl.  This photograph was taken by my husband at the National Trust property, Arlington Court, where we volunteer.  This owl was sitting in one of the trees near the office.


Hope you will give this photo  a  try

sketch/paint/digital whatever takes you fancy it will be lovely to see.

30 January 2016

Gloucester Hillside - Ann Hyde

I'll start things going with this painting of the Gloucester hillside
in 3 steps...

Step 1
The initial wash

Step 2
Adding more detail

and finally 
Detail and definition

28 January 2016

A Gloucestershire Hillside

Another new Reference Photo for you - I have added this to the album Reference Photo Archive, just beneath the header.

A Gloucestershire Hillside

Remember to scroll through the photos and find some inspiration. ....ann

24 January 2016

Brighton Boat - Cheryl Wright

My interpretation done with Faber Castell HB Aquarelle Graphite, Fils Watercolours, and woodless pencil on Strathmore 140lb watercolour journal. I found this frame on my phone and thought it was perfect for my sketch.

23 January 2016

17 January 2016

14 January 2016

New Reference Photo

Hi...there's a new Photo reference added today

If you would like to draw this busy scene - or even a part of it, then please do so.  I took this photo recently in Gloucester.  To add it here on the blog, just email me on


I will send you an Invite by email and you will then be able to join in here on the blog.


10 January 2016

Hop back time - Lighthouse - Ann Hyde

As I've said with this challenge blog, it's about sketching from the photos...that includes the photos in the Archive at the top of this blog.  So, for this I have hopped back to the Lighthouse. 

I just used paint to draw this and used the colour for the shading too, all in one.

06 January 2016

Shoppers - Ann Hyde

From the current reference photo I concentrated on the shoppers for this drawing.  

Hope some of you will take my lead on this and
look back at some of the reference photographs and use
PARTS of the scene as well as looking at the whole view.

05 January 2016

French Van, Ann Hyde

I used the one-line technique (mostly) here for this...keeping my pen on the paper throughout the drawing. 

Pen:  Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen - although it is meant to have permanent ink, you will see that some of the ink ran a little when I applied watercolour...never mind, it adds to the look.

Watercolour: A combination of Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith.  Just kept it simple.

03 January 2016

New Year and a New Photo

Here's a new picture to start the New Year...

It was one I took in Portsmouth, I liked the little french van.

Some perspective to draw in this if you choose to take in the whole photo,
but you might want to focus on only one part, it's entirely up to you: